"Beauty is truth, truth beauty,"
– that is all Ye know on earth,
and all ye need to know. John Keats. Ode on a Grecian Urn. 1819

Kore’ is the definition of beauty as it reminds of women aesthetic ideal in Ancient Archaic Greek Sculpture

The brand has a unique signature style that is bold, confident and sophisticated. With a sensitive focus on holiday lifestyles, the brand embraces the modern wardrobe

The vivid and bold expression of colors lays on its signature prints & natural luxury fabrics with impeccable detailing.

The young journey of KORE’ COLLECTIONS began in 2019 when creative directors BIGLINO DARIO and KALRA SULABH started their virtual bridge of style between the elegant and sophisticated tradition of Italian fashion and the vibrant and colourful Indian culture, creating a wonderful mix of bold and original painted prints on organic and sustainable fabrics.

Kore’ is a tribute to the love of Earth and Nature in all its shapes and a trip of joyful discovering of different and imaginary worlds: we can fly over abandoned temples lived by tropical parrots, swimming in the underwater worlds where fishes of all colors and shapes run around in circles, perceiving shades of flowers of any species describing intricate plots with all kind of butterflies around.

Exclusive designs before drawned then painted, are digitally transfered and printed on the most organic blends of sustainable fabrics and eco-friendly materials, giving a perfect luxurious touch to dreamful outfits in the mood of resort and holiday wear.

  A brand for whom summer is a status of mind, for free-spirited women who love to travel and who never stop dreaming of the echo of distant worlds, where everything is possible and summer never ends.